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Supporting American Farmers Since 1969

Responsive Management

Agri-Valley prides itself in managing farms in an efficient and professional manner.  We understand the importance of quick action.


Green Practices

In overseeing our client base we administer the most progressive green policies in the industry. We save you money while saving the environment.


Measurable Growth

Rest assured that you’ll see vast improvements, sometimes even within the first five years. Set and forget has never been more applicable.


Pest Insurance

Our comprehensive pest insurance protects you against the most devasting infestations. This means peace of mind for you and your family.

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We Know Farm Management 

With over forty years of farm management and consultation, Agri-Valley will help you oversee your property to the highest standards. Our team of professionals have a combined century of experience in farm management and will walk you through every step of the way.

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What Our Clients Say

With hundreds of clients over our tenured history we have a plethora of success stories. Here are just a few kind words past clients have shared:

“Agri- Valley made turned the acquisition of my recently acquired farm property from a headache into a godsend. Thanks again for the great work!”

Amy Weber

“I didn’t know what to expect from Agri-Valley, but after working with them I would definitely recommend. They did a great job managing my assets and keeping things afloat ”

Samuel J.

“If you need your farm managed, these are your guys. Quick. Efficient. Thorough. Enough said.”

Jerod Pushkin

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Our Awesome Team

This ship doesn’t sail itself. Here are the members of Agri-Valley Farm Management that keep things ticking. Don’t forget the countless other employees that work their hearts out every day of the week.

Grace Gob

Co-founder & CEO

Grace has been with the company since the beginning (We know! She doesn’t look that old). She oversees day-to-day acquisitions and management practices.

Rudy Blumquist

Co-founder & COO

The man behind the myth behind the legend. He stays behind the scenes in a grain silo off highway 8. He likes the sound of the pigeons in the morning. We call him “Bird Brain Blumquist”.

Petunia Struthers

Field Director

Petunia always loved the smell of fresh manure on a new farm. That’s why she’s our go-to when doing acquisition research. Let’s just say she’s smelled a lot of farms in her time with us.

Buddy Jones

Online  Marketer

Buddy was a farmer by trade, but soon fell to the allure of the internet. After taking a three week user experience class he become our mareting director. He’s responsible for this site.







Every Today was Once a Tomorrow

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