What Is Kokum?

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What Is Kokum?

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Kokum: Fruit For Burning Fat?

For centuries, the health industry is always searching for the next pill to help with weight loss or pain. New medication comes and goes, but if you’re looking to lose weight naturally, try kokum. The fruit has been known to help with weight loss, get better skin and much more! Kokum is also know as garcina indica, cocum and mangosteen oil tree. Furthermore, kokum juice isn’t only delicious but in addition, it has several health benefits.

It is rare to find kokum therefore it can be expensive to buy. In addition, kokum is used for cooking and beauty products too. Besides the cosmetic business, Kokum butter is also employed as an edible oil. It is one of the best butters for use on skin due to its emollient and restorative abilities. It is one of the best butters to use for personal care items like body butter or lip care. But most importantly, it is great for weight loss! Kokum can help you lose weight if you use the right amout. Lets dig deeper about the weight loss benefits of kokum fruit.

Kokum fruit is found in parts of Africa and it is well know for helping with weight loss and skin care.

What Are The Benefits Of Kokum?

If you opt to buy kokum, you must buy the right fruit in the right condition. When the fruit is red and purple like, it is ripe and you can eat it. Kokum is sweet yet it has an acid like taste to it; similar to cochin fruit. Make sure to avoid brown dented and botched skin kokum; they taste bitter. But here are some of the benefits to kokum:

  • Tons of nutrients
  • Digestion support
  • Anti-fungal and antioxidant properties
  • Cooling to properties
  • Ayurveda
  • Controls cholesterol and weight loss
  • Anti inflammatory

My favorite type of kokum use is in the liquid form. A glass of kokum juice and water can effectively enhance the digestion procedure, thereby assisting in weight reduction. The liquid form of kokum butter can also help cleanse the body. It has been said that kokum juice helps fight flatulence and constipation. This amazing fruit has been used for centuries. Now, it has been turned into butter, drinks and medication for people with conditions. For example, there are kokum butter, spices, pill, oil and much more.

A New Skin Care & Hair Remedy

Kokum butter may also be utilized as a hair conditioner. It can be used to promote hair growth as well. If you use kokum butter for a moisturizer, your skin will get soft and supple just enjoy a baby. At first, kokum butter looks a little odd. It is a type of butter made from kokum oil. Kokum butter, aside from functioning as a cosmetic products, is also famous for its use as edible oil.

There are many health benefits of consuming kokum juice on a standard basis. When it has to do with natural skin care, one of the greatest things you can do for dry skin is a milk wash. If you want to do your very own organic skin care, you do not need to spend a lot of money at the local health shop. It’s important to fully inform your physician about the herbal, vitamins, mineral or some other supplements you’re taking before any type of surgery or medical procedure. Here is a quick video about the amazing benefits of kokum butter.

Kokum History

Kokum trees are about 50 feet high and slouching branches. Planting the tree can take time and effort to keep it alive. The fruit can be found in southeren India and the kokum season last from March to May. The fruits are steeped in sugar syrup to earn amrutkokum that is drunk to ease sunstroke. Hence it is known as a whole fruit. The fruit is thought to be the storehouse of medicinal advantages. Kokum fruit is also utilised in dried form to produce dishes sour. It is considered to act as a Cholagogue, and is also used in treatment of skin rashes caused by allergies.

The fruit comes out of a tree also called Kokum. Mangosteen fruit naturally can help alleviate the pain and also assists in regulating the cycle. In today’s society, natural herbs are being used for weight loss and other health conditions. Kokum is most popular for weight loss (garcinia). I used natural kokum and supplement garcina for weight loss. They all provide the same effect, it just depends of the individual’s preference of taste. If you like the natural taste of kokum, buy the fruit. If you a busy person, try the pills or drinks. Some popular kokum items I’ve used are kokum sharbat, garcinia RenuvaStack and kokum oil for my weight loss journey. So far, the combination of these ingredients are incredible.

How To Use Kokum Butter?

How to use kokum? It depends on what form of kokum one buys. The easiest form is either a pill or liquid form because it’s easy to go food. In addition, you can buy the oil, spices, cream and butter. Kokum butter usually takes just a couple of minutes, but be certain everything is totally melted before you move on to the next step. A potentially intriguing use of the nonfat pieces of the kokum fruit has, however, recently emerged. A mixture of various syrups may also be utilised to earn sherbet. Most info can be found on youtube if you want to see a hands on use of kokum.

The best thing of using cocoa butter is it is altogether natural and has its very own natural faint aroma. Easily absorbed into the skin and is known for its hydrating effects. The same as your oils, you need to pick out a raw, cold-pressed butter totally free of chemicals that are employed in bleaching and refining. Individuals actually provide a syrup of kokum to alcohol intoxicated people to safeguard the liver. When the butter is melted, you are going to want to harden it in the freezer for around 20 minutes. There are many uses of kokum; find what fits best for you.

Using a tape measure to see the size of our belly.
Measuring Belly
Making Your Own Kokum Recipes

The recipes are supposed to be put to use as a guideline and source of inspiration, so please experiment in little batches. If one discovers that a recipe hasn’t been calculated properly, keep on trying and see what taste good. Indian cuisine recipes are well-known for their large assortment from various seasoning and kokum is used daily in the culture. As soon as you eat maharashtrian food you’re certainly going to love it. Here are some dishes that includes Kokum:

  • Shenga Kokum Curry
  • Kokum Chick Pea Salad
  • Coconut Kokum Masala
  • Kokum Fruit Smooties
  • Malvin Clams Kokum Sauce
Side Effects Of Kokum Butter

With most medication or natural herbs, there are side effects. If one has sensitive skin, kokum can irritate the skin. In addition, people with high blood pressure so avoid using kokum. Also, the fruit can change one’s metabolic acidosis if too much is eaten. If you are on medication, please consult with a doctor or professional before using kokum.


In the end, kokum can be used for all sorts of things. Great for helping people burn fat and achieve healthy skin. Just be sure to use kokum in moderation and always consult with a doctor before trying anything new. Good luck on your weight loss journey and comment in our blog, www.agrivalleyfmgmt.com if you like your posts.

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