The Equipment List for Farmers in 2020

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Introducing: Farms of the Future

By now you are well aware of the basic needs for every farm: tractors, ATVs, mowers, tillers, and combines are sitting happily in your garage as I write.

However, here’s what you don’t know…

It’s 2020 and the rules of farming necessitate new approaches to monetizing your sweat, blood, and tears.

Thinking Outside the Barn

1) Muscle Supplements
Farmers are known for their hard work, in spite of difficult work conditions. Muscle supplements like Alpha Thunder Testo have been proven to increase muscles for weightlifters and farmers alike.

Supplement your hard work with a supplement

2 ) Laptop Computer
We live in a digital age. With technologically advancing at rapid rates it’s important for everyone, especially farmers, to keep up to speed on the newest innovations in farming.

3) Nest Surveillance System
You can’t always observer your barn help to see if they’re doing their work. A nest surveillance system allows you to monitor both your animals and your workers from one system

4) Heated Pavement
Subterranean heating systems are at an all-time low price, and allow farmers to work in the cold without the challenge of icy/snowy roads. This is only realistic for large-producing farms that have money, however it’s a strategy that is being employed in farms across Canada and other cold-oriented countries.

The End is Nigh

Yes, best practices will change with time. It’s why your farm in Iowa may not require the same equipment as a farm situated in California. The American heartland won’t be managed by drones overnight, but the time is coming soon.

Automation and computerization are baked into almost all aspects of farming equipment now (just ask John Deere users). This presents a challenge to the traditional farmer who must compete with the incredibly efficient and time-saving technologies of their competitor.

Hopefully farmers will learn to integrate these new features in according to the needs of their farms. Just because good equipment is expensive doesn’t mean it’s necessary to the success of the farm.